Paper for food


sheets or reels.
our waxed/paraffined paper is NORMPACK certified and approved under the EU standard for food. This classic paper has since the turn of the century been used widely in food markets and stores for wrapping meat, fish and cheese, etc.

It is also used widely within the food industry and other industries. Waxed paper has the unique characteristic that it allows the content to "breathe", meaning there is an air exchange between inside and outside, unlike the conditions with plastic packaging. Thanks to the "breathing" properties, for example meat products packaged in waxed paper have a significantly longer life time when package for more than ca. 12 hours.

Thanks to its release characteristics, waxed paper is very useful in the manufacture, marketing and retailing of meat, minced meat, fish, frozen hamburgers, chocolate and other sweets etc, etc.
The list of use of waxed paper is very long.

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